Ciao Golden Stock Pouch — Small Tuna Flakes for Mature Cat 14+ (60g)

Ciao Golden Stock Pouch — Small Tuna Flakes for Mature Cat 14+ (60g)

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CIAO Golden Stock Pouch is made with tuna cooked in rich golden stock for a premium meal fit for royalty! Every pouch is 100% human-grade quality, and is easy to feed. Simply tear open the pouch and pour out, and your kitty’s meal is ready to serve! Available in 7 different recipes, we’re sure that your cats will meow for more once they’ve had a taste of some CIAO Golden Stock Pouch!

Key Features:

- Convenient storage and feeding
- Easy to feed: simply tear and pour!
- Suitable for all cats of all life stages and all breeds
- Made with deep-sea tuna certified Dolphin Safe
- Fortified with Green Tea Extract which reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels
- Contains Vitamin E which maintains healthy skin & coat and boosts immune system


White Meat Tuna, Red Meat Tuna, Salmon, Natural Flavouring Agents, Soybean Oil, Jelly, Fructooligosaccharides, Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Seaweed Extract Powder, Vitamin E, Green Tea Powder, Taurine

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein not less than 10%, Fat not less than 0.2%, Crude Fiber not more than 0.4%,
Moisture not more than 87%